Seeds of Magic is a sandbox town, social and farming simulation RPG coming to Android, iOS and PC.

You take on the role of an apprentice wizard who has just moved to a town in need of the wisdom of a trained professional wizard since their old one exploded. But an unfortunate accident has left your master cursed, so the town is left with you. Can you turn your plot of land into a thriving wizard commune? Can you help the town rebuild and get new townsfolk to move in? Can you save your master from his curse? Will you learn the secrets of magic becoming a great wizard or will you just go fishing all day?

Build your Wizard’s Sanctuary.

The mayor has granted you a plot of land to call your own. Cultivate your land in order to grow resources for both your use and for making extra coin. You will also need to craft magical devices and build special buildings to really unlock the full magical potential of your own homestead.

Learn new spells.

What is a wizard without spells? A regular person, that’s what. Gain power and learn new spells such as Charm Friend, Blizzard, Invisibility and many more.

Develop your town and help it grow.

Ever since the town’s old wizard blew himself up, the town has been struggling. Most of its citizens have left for greener pastures, leaving behind the broken husks of their old houses and businesses. It is up to you to rebuild and convince new citizens to make their home here.

Get to know your neighbors.

The townsfolk are an odd lot each with their own personalities and backgrounds. They are also always in need of the town wizard’s assistance. Over time you will get to know of them better and learn more and more about them.

Craft objects of great power and brew mystical potions.

A good wizard has many different tools and recipes at their disposal. Collect the resources needed to create worker golems, recovery potions, rain totems and many, many more.

Use your magical talents to thwart evil threats to the community.

A wizard must keep his community safe and this one has more threats than most. Goblins in the garden, sprites in the outhouse, zombie actors are just a few threats that keep a good wizard on their toes.

Find bones, artifacts, catch bugs and donate them to the House of Curiosities.

The area around the town is a treasure trove of collectables. Hunt them down and donate them like any good wizard would do.


Because everyone likes fishing.