Dev Blog #1: Farming Primer

One of the core features of Seeds of Magic is being able to customize your wizard's sanctuary. Farming is just one of the ways to work the land. It will be useful for gathering resources and earning extra income. 

Like any good garden plot, the first step is to clear out any debris, trees, or rocks that might be in the way. And what better way for an apprentice wizard to destroy that debris but with a handy dandy chop spell.


Erupt the earth to make fluffy, warm soil in order to plant your crops. You will be able to use potions that you craft in order to enhance your farming spells. This will allow you to farm even large plots in less time.


Toss down the seeds your wish to grow. A wide variety of different seeds will be available, both magical and mundane. There will also be seasonal crops that only grow during certain times of the year.


Keep your crops well watered if you want them to grow. Not watering your crops every day will cause them to stop growing and eventually die.



Once your crop has fully grown, it is time to harvest it. Use crops for crafting, increasing reputation or to just earn money. Crops will also have a number of more RPG-centric purposes. Like towns folk can get sick and you must use your crops to craft healing potions to make them well.


Thanks for reading a bit about farming. There are lots of things we didn't get into but will in the coming weeks, so please keep stopping by.

Gentleman Rat