Progress Report #2

Bunch more animations for picking up items, tossing seeds, and several different emotes. Really helps bring things together and give the characters more personality.

We believe that we finally have pathfinding set up the way we like it. Over short distances NPCs will just travel to their assigned location but over longer distances they will try to find a trail or road to follow. We handle this through setting up recommended pathing around zones.


On the art front we made dirt look nicer and fixed up our water shore lines. I know, super exciting right? Also started character portraits for Mayor and Imp NPCs.


In converse rules we added the ability to have neutral, like and dislike conversation options. NPCs will now have a few options on how they speak to players based on their relationship with them. This will also allow the player to get a sense of how well someone likes them based on the language they use in conversations.


Front end of the game is completely playable at this point. We have the basic tutorial set up and players can plant their first crops, meet a few characters, and get their first "quest". There are actually only a few outstanding polish style tasks left for the first 10 minutes of the game and it will be ready. Good thing about this is lots of these systems and polish work will go on to be used throughout the rest of the game.

Next up, starting work on the town. Want to start setting up how the player goes about building up the town and getting new citizens to move in.

Thanks for reading!

Gentleman Rat