Progress Report #3

Not a huge amount of showy type stuff for this week. Did a lot of back end type work which isn't exciting but is the type of stuff that had to get done to move onto more interesting thing...TOWN BUILDING. Anyways without further ado here is our weekly progress report.

Lots of dialog updates for various characters. Starting to work on what NPCs will say the first time the player speaks to them and what some of them will say after the player left the tutorial section. Also started setting up convo for the Mayor giving the player instructions on how to start fixing up the town.

Camera upgrades. Had to change how the camera worked since it was causing some strange draw issues. This involved basically rewritting most of the basis for how the camera was working. Hopefully this is the last time we need to touch the camera...which probably means in 2 months we will have to write it again.

Added ability to drop objects in your sanctuary. This will allow you to lay down fences, paths, crafting machines, etc. Will allow for a lot of customization of your land.

Worked on several new character portraits (stay tuned on Tuesday for blog post about them) and started working on run down versions of town buildings. Most of the town is in bad shape at the beginning of the game and needs to get fixed up so new NPCs can move in.

Movement fixes so that NPCs cannot accidentally get stuck behind collision. This is more of a safety net so that it isn't possible to trap NPCs potentially breaking the game. If they are blocked by an object the NPC will wait for a moment and then just travel through the collision.

Lots of minor fixes that were found when finishing up the opening section of the game. NPCs not facing doors when entering them, being able to "drive" character into doors to use them, animation timing being slightly off, incorrect NPC names in dialog windows, etc. But really opening section of the game is done outside of art work. Poor Christine is overworked.

Thanks for reading.

Gentleman Rat