Progress Report #4

We got lots of great stuff done this week. Very excited that we have finally started making headway into building the town and getting villagers to move around in it.

Town Buldings

Houses for the town in both their destroyed and fixed up state. When the player arrives in the town they find most of it in a state of disrepair. In order to get new villagers to move back into the town they will need to fix up houses and shops.

Player Crafting System

Set up the player crafting system. Will do a big blog post on this one in the future but for now the basics are there are two types of crafting. One is recipe based. Collect recipes and gather the resources needed to make the item. The other through use of crafting stations. With these no recipe is needed, just put the resource in and the crafted item will be spit out after a period of time. This is sort of like putting milk into a butter churn.

Potion Brewing

Very similar to crafting, in fact it is just another type, but specifically for potion brewing. The big difference here is that all recipes must be discovered through trial and error. Players collect different magical ingredients and then put them together in different combos to make interesting and new types of potions.

Mayor Weebles AI Schedule

Our first villager, Mayor Weebles, is now on an activity schedule. He will perform actions like go to work in the morning and go to lunch at noon. This schedule is set up for seasons, day of week, time. So he will do different things every day and will act differently depending on the season.

Thanks for reading.


Gentleman Rat