Dev Blog #4: Villager, Town and Farm Sandbox RPG

Through a series of events that you’re pretending aren’t your fault (they’re totally your fault), you arrive in a town, take over a farm, and become the leading purveyor of magic for the entire population.  Unfortunately, that population is dwindling, as trouble has moved in, villagers have moved out, and businesses have closed, leaving the town on the brink of disaster.  Wizard Abernathy, before his unfortunate accident, made you his apprentice wizard, and now Mayor Weebles is looking to you as the town’s only wizard to get things back on track.

The Farm

Abernathy’s farm has seen better days, but since it may be awhile before he’s… errr… recovered… you will probably want to work the land, clear the overgrowth and put it to good use.  Clear it out and plant crops for sale, use it to cultivate herbs for your magical potions, you may even eventually expand it into a verified wizard sanctuary, a compound of buildings and facilities housing potion stills, magic circles and golems who handle your mundane daily tasks like raising coops full of cockatrices and barns full of cow-dragons.


The Town

The town is in trouble.  There are only a few villagers, most of the shops and homes are in ruins, and Mayor Weebles is tearing his hair out trying to attract new businesses.  It’s in your best interest to get the town going, the more new neighbors, the more shops and services will be available.  But as the town’s only wizard, as you rebuild, your responsibilities will increase, as will the demands placed on you by your new neighbors.  Perhaps that new sushi restaurant needs fresh fish and the owner wants to know how you can help.  Or the bakery owner tells you that flour supplies from the next town over have been cut off; she wants to know when you’re going to build a mill.  The needs of the town must be met in order to maintain villager happiness, and whose problem is that?  According to Mayor Weebles (in the tradition of all good politicians), it’s yours.



As your town grows, you will get to know the villagers you are helping.  Some of them are great people… some of them... not so much.  Get to know these odd and quirky characters, discover their likes and dislikes, and your reputation will adapt as you interact with them.  If your reputation is high with a villager, he or she will be friendly and helpful, even offering useful advice or gifts.  A low reputation will result in possibly rude, potentially dangerous interactions.  As with any small town, attempting to maintain good relations, even with the grumpy old man who keeps telling you to get off his lawn, is essential to living in peace.

Villagers also react to the world around them, taking part in conversations with other villagers, visiting different shops around town, even changing their relationships with each other -- neighbors who were best friends yesterday may be sworn enemies when you get up in the morning to do your wizardly rounds.  As the town’s only wizard, and apparently the resident amateur psychologist, it’s up to you to try to keep the “inmates” of the town in check.



This is your farm, this is your town, this is your sandbox!  Work in your herb garden today?  Great.  Craft new magical potions?  No problem.  Play hookie fishing all day?  Who’s gonna stop you?  Help a villager get those damn kids off his lawn?  Have at it.  Chop down trees for wood, decorate your farm, catch the faeries infesting Miller John’s berry patch, it’s entirely up to you.  Crafting, fishing, bug catching, farming, resource gathering, socializing with villagers, taking on odd jobs, brewing potions, the options are nearly limitless!  There’s no wrong answer, so what are you waiting for?  

Thanks for reading!

Gentleman Rat