Progress Report #1

Welcome to our first progress report. We want to attempt to do these every week to try to keep everyone up to date on the goings on around here. So without further ado, here is what we have been working on this week.

Our art department (Christine) was out for most of the week visiting San Diego but still managed to put together a new farm house and some new animated plants to help add some movement to the landscape.

Jason spent most of his time working on getting a new in editor screenshot and gif taker working. Makes it super easy to now get shots of the game directly out of the editor.

Also hooked up our first critter, the owl. These critters will be spawned around the world and react to the character. The first step is to get them in, the next is to figure out how to let the characters capture them or something. Should be interesting. Unintended results - owls can actually 'scare' each other making them scatter and group together which can look cool. Might be good behavior for flocking birds like crows.

Along with the critter Jason also worked on a critter spawning system which will track the numbers of critters in the world and determine if we need more or less.

Lots of player animation updates. Casts for farming spells: dig, chop, walk, sit, etc. Made them look and behave a bit better. Also added in a couple new animations for tossing seeds and picking a crop.

And there you have it. This definitely didn't cover everything we did this week but hit on the some of the highlights. Like I said, we plan on keeping this going so I hope you follow us for more updates and news.

Have a great day!

Gentleman Rat