Progress Report #5

This week focused on lots of back end fixes and cleaning up elements that already existed. As we started to build actual content for the game we, as expected, kept coming across little bugs that had to be fixed up before we could continue.  So without further ado lets hop right into some of the high points from this last week.


More work on the houses that will make up the town. All of the ones that were already made had to be scaled down slightly since they looked like they were built for a race of giants. Also got several new ones completed. So that now there are 9 different ruined type houses and 9 different fixed versions. As players fix up these house new villagers will move in and the town will grow.


Town Building

Completed the house building set up. This works by paying a resource cost. The local handyman will then begin fixing up the house which takes x number of day depending on the house. While being repaired, the handyman will travel to the house everyday to work on it. When completed the house will be new and ready to for a new villager to move into it.

Doors and Zone Transfers

Discovered a number of bugs with zone transfers. To put simply how we were doing zone transfers was way to complex. We had set it up so that players characters and villagers would use two different methods to transfer zones, mainly so we could handle camera work and have a way to check for events on zone transfer. The new system does all this but has been streamlined and more automated which is less prone to zone bugs.


Villager Schedule Content

Villagers will move around the world and do different things based on a time schedule. The schedule is broken up by time based on season, week, day, and hour. This way our villagers have different behaviors and even conversations based on what time it is. Mayor Weebles first week is completely mapped out.

Also got overrides to the schedulers working. This way special events can occurs and interrupt the daily routines of the villagers. For example, a villager can become sick and not go to work. This would mean that their shop is closed until you can get the villager medicine and allow them to return to work.