Village Handyman and Building New House

This week has been primarily dominated by getting the town's handyman, Copperbottom, set up. Copperbottom is a clockwork robot villager that will fix up damaged buildings once you have supplied him with enough resources to do the job. So for this week we made sure that he had a game schedule that could be interrupted when he had a job to do.

Copperbottom, a clockwork robot handyman

Bouncy sign in front of damaged houses

Added a clickable bouncy sign to outside of damaged town buildings. Clicking on sign will bring up UI to show how many resources it will take to repair this building. Spending these resources will trigger the rebuilding process.


Copperbottom going to work.

Once a building is scheduled to be rebuilt, Copperbottom will go to work. Every day until the repair time is complete, he will work on the structure.


Town building after it has been repaired.

Once Copperbottom has completed work on the building, a pristine version of it will show up in your town. This building is now ready to have new villagers move into it. Who moves into the building all depends on which building or shop was repaired.


We want to make sure that the houses that our villagers live in each sort of tell a little bit about them. Copperbottom will live within a special house that is just as copper and clockwork in nature as he is.

Sketches of Copperbottom's House

That is it for this week. Thanks for reading.

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