Pathing, Town Building Flow Chart and Cool New House

Welcome to another exciting Friday progress report. Another week has just flown by and we got some pretty cool things accomplished this week. So let's just jump right into it.

Pathing through obstacles

Pathing Update

Spent time working on the pathing for both the player and NPC. This new pathing allows for more complex collision detection for both local movement and movement between maps. Also the NPC will now make intelligent decisions if they are ever trapped by collision. If trapped they will determine the best way to move through collision back to a legit path. This ensures that they will never become stuck and potentially break.


Town building flow

Town Building Tree

When town building there is a certain order that things will have to be done in. Some buildings create the requirements needed for others. For example, you will need iron tools from the blacksmith in order to get the lumber mill working again.


Villagers House

New House Style

Spent time working on a new style for our buildings. We think that the new style gives the buildings a more happy and fun look to least we think so.


Super Double Secret Plan

Spent a lot of time at end of the week doing some more planning and in the course of this we came up with some ideas that will change up the player's area. We will talk about this is greater detail in some future blog post but the long and short of it is we are planning on moving away from an outdoor farm and into something a bit more suitable for a wizard. We are pretty excited about it and hopefully you will be too once we are ready to show off all the details.

Thanks for reading!

Gentleman Rat