Collecting different resources is at the core to many of the activities available to you in Seeds of Magic. There are basically three types of resources. The first is harvested while exploring the world. The second is resources crafted or grown by you. And the third type of resource are purchased from a villager. These resources are then used to fix up the town, brew potions, craft other goods, or be given to a villager.

Harvested resources are found in the world while exploring. In order to collect these resources you harvest a resource node. Trees, rocks and wild plants are examples of resource nodes. Certain resources can only be found in specific areas and it may require special means to harvest them. Essentially as you grow in power and skill more resources are available for you to harvest. Which is good because as you grow in power you will need them.

The second type is anything that is grow or crafted by you. Usually these take another resource in order to get started. Crops require seeds. Iron bars require ore. Charcoal requires wood. Time, effort, and sometimes special crafting stations are what is needed to create this type of resources. To get a crop resource you need to water them every day until their grow cycle is complete. To make an iron bar you need a forge (which takes resources to build) to place the ore within and wait for it to make the bar.

The last type are special resources cannot be gotten in any other manner and must be purchased from villagers for gold. These resources are often shop specific and can only be purchased if that shop exists in your town. In some cases this can create building prerequisites that must be met before other shops within the town can be built. For example, you might need flanges to build the mill but those can only be purchased from the blacksmith. So you would need to build the blacksmith before you can build the mill.

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