Magical Crops, Cauldrons and Friday Roundup

Hey everyone. Loads of cool things came out of this week. We left off last week wanting to start showcasing some of the more magical aspects of our game. So we made this week almost all about getting a more mystical feel into the game. And without further ado lets take a look at the highlights.

New magical crops for your herb garden!

Magical Crops

You, being a wizard, are more than just a normal farmer. You deal with magical crops and herbs that will be used in your magic potions, incantations, and they are also really good on salads. We really wanted to use different, unusual shapes for these magic crops as well as make sure they were extremely colorful. Some of these magic crops animate which gives them an even more interesting and fun appearance. The shape, color and animation should really allow for some cool and visually appealing farm layouts.


Cauldron bubbling away, brewing some potions!

Cauldron, the first crafting station

Our first crafting station, the cauldron, got put in this week as well. In general crafting stations work like this, put in a resources and out will come a product. But the cauldron works slightly different. You use magic crops and put a combination of them within the cauldron. That combination, if chosen correctly, will then brew into a magic potion. You will have to learn recipes for these potions through either finding them in the world, trial and error, or figuring out what different magical crops do and deducing how they will go together.


In Game Mail

We now have the ability to send mail and items through the mail to your character. Every morning when you wake up you can get a letter from one of the villagers in the town. This letter can also come with a recipe, item or cash.

Basic Relationship System

Do the villagers like or dislike you? Well, we now can track that sort of thing. At its core it works like this. There are things that different villagers will love and certain things that they won't. Doing things a villager likes makes them more friendly towards you. You can guess what happens if you do the opposite. Still a bunch more to be done on this system but we totally have the basics in place. Yay us.


Mayor Weebles is afraid of something...but what?

One Scared Mayor

More work has been done on the schedule for the Mayor. He now has a full weekly schedule for spring time finished. Also added a few new animations for him based on his schedule. We want the villagers to actually look like they are doing something after all.