Digging in the Dirt or Magical Mining

Its been a few weeks since our last update because we have been hammering on a new 'dungeon' building system. We decided that a traditional farm just wasn't right for a wizard. So we decided that the wizard will own a nice tower with plenty of dungeon space underneath for building. Now you get to dig out your own areas, fill them with all the wizard's tools, and will be able to customize it at will. We will make a nice long blog post about that in the future, but for now lets give a progress report.

Use spells to blast through dirt and rock.

Customizable Dungeon Areas

Added areas that the player will be able to dig out using spells. These dungeon areas will become the main areas that the player 'owns'. Once these dungeons are built out, the player will then be able to craft different wall and floor tiles to further customize the look of their dungeons.


Use planters to grow seeds into magical plants.

Indoor Farming

Players will be able to craft planter pots that allow them to grow their magical crops indoors. You will start out with a very basic pot which will have to be tended by either you or a golem, but will eventually learn advanced hydroponic planters which will do most of the work for you.


Carry objects around and drop them in perfect spot.

Placeable Objects

Selecting an object in your inventory will equip the object and allow you to carry it around. You will be able to put it down any valid location. If you don't like where you placed it you will be able to pick it back up and relocate it. Larger objects have bigger footprints so need more open space to place down.


Villager Dialogue

Working on and adding lots of new dialogue options. Discovered that breaking dialogue into 3 different sections allows for greater variety of conversations and less chance of dialogues repeating. Villagers will have a greeting, body and closing that are all separate from each other and can be mixed and matched as long as the rules align correctly.

Thanks for reading!

Gentleman Rat